How to rank .ooo domain on Google. | Rank .ooo Domain

Hey guys today is a very interesting topic about ranking , i mean i will tell you some important tips which helps you to rank your .OOO domain on google or any search engine like Bing or yahoo.

Do you know what is most important thing to rank your website ?

Many people not know that how it rank their website he/she write their own post and simply waiting for rank their website. They wait many time and when her website not rank they quit their blogging.

Today i will show you the best tips and some tricks which help you to rank your domain. one more points please read the article until the end because it will become very helpful for you.


Yes, the name of a domain is very important thing to a ranking your website because your domain name is like your keywords or this domain show your business or brand.
If you purchase domain please sure that the domain which you buy must be a top level domain because search engine like top level domain. like .com,, etc.
Now i tell one more points that .OOO domain is a top level domain and it support quick Adsence approval also it ranking speed is awesome. It rank on google very fast.


Now, seo means search engine optimization , This term has wide meaning it increase your website ranking 10X faster. it is a really great feature in the world of blogging.


Do you know what is keyword , Basically keyword is small word or may be long word phrases. For example if you search on google you type some word like “how to rank .OOO domain ” This is a keyword. Now whenever you write a post for your blogger you should search some keywords. It helps you to easily rank your website.
You use some tool which you get some idea about your keyword. some website which you provide keyword research. You also check keywords competition because less competition which make easier to rank your blog post on google.


It is very important to write long blog post because google like long post. Long post contain detail information about any topic or article. Long post can rank your website easily and Eco-friendly.

whenever you write your blog post you should search more details about your article.


Do you know about permalinks? permalinks is a link of your blog post. Now you always use custom permalinks for your blog posts and your link contains a particular keywords. Small permalinks are easier to rank than long permalinks.


Backlinks are the backbone of your website or blog . Without backlinks our website never be rank on google even never rank on any other search engine.
Backlinks are the links which are come from other website to your website. Backlinks always have Do-follow links. i will tell you that there are two types of links first is do-follow links and second is No-Follow links.


It is  special types of words which we say stop words with reference of search engine.
stops words are  seen like This :- is,am,are,of,an,e.t.c
we never use stops words in blog post Titile or heading because it get bad impact on our blog.


I hope you will now understand and fell good. keep working on your blog until you achieve your success and become a successful blogger. Hard and smart work will you make a successful blogger.



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