What is active view viewable on google Adsence

what is active view viewable.

Active view viewable is a type of percentage which show that your ad viewable percentage. It show that how your Ad is view by user on mobile, desktop or tablet.
For example if you get daily 100 impression by your wesbsite and only 25 of them are seen at least 2 to 3 sec then your active view viewable is 25%.
Google Adsence and many adversting companies want minimum 50% active view. Because it get big impact on your CPM. if your active view is more then your cpm is high and if your acyive view is low then your cpm is also low.


When you place ad on your website , it many be not appear on your website. Many reason behind them but most popular reason is ad blocker or fast  loading website. Ad blocker blocks your ad but it doesn’t block your impression but it decrease your active view  viewable. Because user doesn’t view your ads due to ad blocker.

I will get some tips to increase your active view.

1. Use links ad on your website because this type of ad unit increase your active view.
2. Place ad on top of your website .
3. Never place ad on the bottom of the page because many viewers not go at the bottom of your webpage.
I hope this article helpful for you!!!


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