What is alexa rank | How to increase it.

Perhaps you know what this Alexa Rank is? Because if you are from the blogging field then you will probably know about what Alexa Rank is, how it works and why it is necessary. If not then this article of today is going to be very informational.

Every blogger wants to know how to increase Alexa Rank of his website? Because this is an important factor that can attract visitors to your blog, along with it also provides readers with the information that your blog is a professional blog.


Alexa rank shows on your site how popular your site is compared to other sites on the Internet. It also shows the position of your site in relation to other websites.

Alexa rank is a measure of the website's popularity. These rank makes millions of websites that are based on their popularity, which means Alexa Rank 1 is the most popular.

Alexa Rank also reveals how a website is performing compared to the other, which makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis.

Does Alexa Rank Need to Improve?

Yes, improving Alexa rank is very important for any blog. If you are a blogger then it is very important that you try to improve your site's Alexa rank.

That's because it provides better authority, creates a good impression in the minds of advertisers and readers, along with it also helps in increasing your revenue

How to Improve Alexa Rank?

So are you ready to increase your Alexa Ranking?


I'm going to tell you some cool tips that will help you to increase your blog's Alexa Rank.

Then let's know about some tips.

1) Increase the traffic of your blog

This is a major factor to improve Alexa Ranking of your website. Because Alexa provides your blog according to rank your traffic. If you will get more traffic daily then it will definitely improve your Alexa rank.

I believe that if you increase your traffic slowly then it will also improve your Alexa rank.

A small increase can bring a big change in your ranking in the blog traffic.

2) Average Time in Your Site

This is the second most important factor to increase the Alexa rank. Because Alexa checks out how long you live in your visitor site.
So engage your content so that more people stay in post and finally your average time will increase.

1. Inbound Link: - This is a great way to engage your user in your site. In this you have to use your second post url in a post. This allows users to stay longer in your post. Note that only use related post.

(3) Write a Review Article for Alexa

By writing a review article for Alexa this 100% will help you to improve your Alexa Rank, because today Alexa is a very common keyword that is mostly searched on Google.

So if you write a review for Alexa, then it's unique too, it is going to help you increase your blog traffic, which will improve your Alexa rank. You can also give Alexa a backlink, which is very good for your blog traffic.

(4) Update Blog Regularly

There are lots of blogs related to your niche in Internet, so if you do not write on your blog frequently, it may show a drop in your Alexa rank.

(5) Insert Alexa Widget into your site

This is a common logic that if you add Alexa widget to your site then it will encourage users to click on them. When someone clicks on it, it will only benefit you. So try to use Alexa widget in your site.

(6)Quality Backlink for your blog

Commenting on others' blogs is a very easy task to gain backlink for your blog

I hope this article is helpful for you!


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