How to Earn Money With WeMedia program

Do you earn money by writing content on any topic and earn money then you are on right place in this article i just tell you best platform to earn money without investing money. We media offer you to write article on any content or topics and simply earn money according to views ,likes and share

what is We media program

we media is a free platform of writing and publishing articles and earn money. it is a simple platform that give you money. wemedia use google ads on their platform. you article is see on oppo browser , realme browser ,redmi browser. Their articles is also publish on some app like rozdhan and rozbuzz. wemedia have wide number of user and publisher. It is similarly like uc news media program

One more points of wemedia is that only India user can able to use wemedia service
How to Write Article On we media

If you want to write articles on wemedia platform, first of all, you need to be approval
firstly you need to make wemedia account by clicking here

then you need to publish five articles or 10 videos, if you did not publish 5 articles in wemedia platform you are in primary user and in this user you not able to earn a single money

If you earn money you need to make advance user from the primary user then you must need to write five articles or 10 videos

Ways To Earn Money From We Media program

There are two ways to earn money from we media program and to earn money you need to become an advance user

1. By writing Articles

2. By upload Videos

By writing articles

First of all, you write an article on wemedia platform and then you need to publish it and after publishing your articles by wemedia agent you can see your articles views, likes, and share
Note: your revenue is based on your likes, views, and share of your articles.
By Uploading Videos

If you want to upload videos on wemedia platform firstly you need to submit your youtube account. wemedia team review your youtube channel and may approve your youtube account or channel then you simply upload your video on your youtube channel an then it automatic upload on wemedia platform

If your video has gone viral and covers huge views then you earn money according to your videos views.

Types of articles you write on wemedia platform

You can write articles on any topic with some exceptions. you are writing by category wise like lifestyle, job, educations, blogging, astrology, sports and many more. This is the best feature of wemedia program.

publishers can share it’s any ideas with people and earn money. i hope you understand my ideas



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