How to install Wifi hotspot in pc | How to set up wifi in pc

How to install wifi hotspot on pc

hey huys how are you are you tring to install wifi on your pc or laptop and didnot work or install.
so today i wil solve your every promblems realted to insatlling and setup your wifi setting.

If you want to run wifi and hotspot on your compen you must follow my steps .

i belive that you easily setup your wifi on you computer so let’s start 

steps 1. insert Wifi dongle on your computer or laptop on usb port

steps 2. well done now after inserting wifi dongle you must install drivers on your computer because drivers is must install on your computer

steps 3. Now download the driver by clicking the download button and simply install it . if you have given CD with your wifi dongle then just insert your CD and install your driver

NOTE : every wifi dongle having different companies having different drivers.

steps 4. Now you done all steps just restart your pc or laptop , after restart you wil see that a wifi symbol is appering on bottom tastkbar on left side

if you any problem regarding to wifi hotspot setup please ask me in comment box i am happy to solve your promblem
Thank You!!


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