How To Recover OR Find my Forget Gmail Account

Are you trying to find or recover your forget gmail account. You don’t remember your gmail account and want to know the your name of your gmail account then you are in right place. Today i will show you to How you recover or find your forget gmail account.

The process of finding forget gmail account is very simple and easy you can find it by using your andriod phone or using pc or laptop. so i will tell some simple steps which have you follow them carefully.

so let’s starts my tutorials.

To recover or find your forget gamil account. you have two things. First is your phone number that are link to your gmail account and second is your full name that is first and last name which you used when you was creating your lost gmail account

Recover Your Forget Gmail Account


  • Steps 2.  After clicking this above link you will see a window is appear on your pc or andriod devices. Now enter your phone number that you used when you made your gmail account or Enter your phone number which is link to your Forget gmail account.



  • Steps 3.  Now after filling your phone number click on Next Button.


  • Steps 4.  Now you need to enter your Gmail account first name or last name. First and last name exactly matches your lost Gmail account.



  • Steps 5.  Now Google send a verification code to your phone number which are associated to your lost Gmail account. Enter the code and click on Next button.



  • Steps 5. Now it will show your lost gmail account.


How To Recover OR Find my Forget Gmail Account

I Hope you find your forget gmail account if you have problem to finding your forget gmail account please ask me in comment box . i may to reply it


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