How To Upgrade PHP version In Control Panel

PHP is the best code which help to run or live your website. But sometimes Our PHP vesion is outdates or older version then it causes  to create some problem in our website so we should to change our php version to latest version.

Using latest version of php can run our website without any problem and changing old php version to latest version make your website faster and smoother. so today i will describe with you best and easy way to upgrade your php version on your wordpress site.

Changing Or Upgrade Your PHP version In cPanel

I will tell you  some steps that you follow to change your latest php version so let’s starts.

  • Steps 1. Login in your control panel and Search Select PHP version On the search bar like below image.


  • Steps 2. Just click on select php version.
  • Steps 3. Now you will see two option first is your current php version and second is php version on your cpanel.

  • Stesp 4. Just select latest php version that is 7.3 on clicking php version drop down menu.
  • Stesp 5. After selecting your latest php version and then  click on set as current.

Now you will successfully cahange your php version. I hope it will solve your problem and i fyou have any doubt then you should ask me in comment box i will happy to solve your problem.


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