How To Change My WordPress Username ( with pictures)

Are you trying to change the username of your WordPress account?  then you are in right place. Today I will show you various methods to change the username of your WordPress account?

The changing of the username of WordPress is very easier than you think you just need to follow my guide and steps that I tell you further in this post.

Method To change The Username Of  My WordPress Account.

Ther are more than three methods to change your username. you can choose anyone to change the username of your WordPress account. But make sure you choose stong username which helps you to more secure your WordPress website.

1. By Your Cpanel Account.

It is the easiest method for changing the username of your WordPress account because in this method you just need to type your new username and just click on save installation button. You don’t need to delete an old username if you obey this method.

This method, you also change the password of your WordPress account without remembering the old password.

  • steps 1. Log in your CPanel account and click on the WordPress app.


  • Steps 2. Now scroll down and you will see a WordPress option on the bottom of the screen.

  • Steps 3. Now click on edit option or pencil logo option like the below image.


  • Steps 4. Now just scroll down and you will see an option like admin account. Here you can change your username that you want and click on the save installation details.


All Done You have successfully change your username on your WordPress account. Now jump to the second method if you are not interested in the first method.

2. Make New User On WordPress account.

In this method, you need to log in to your WordPress account to make a new user name that you want and delete the old username.

  • Steps 1. Log in Your WordPress account and click user option on the left panel of your WordPress account.


  • Steps 2. select Add new option and Enter the new username that you want and also enter your email address and click on Add new user.

  • Steps 3. After clicking Add user you need to get administration permission of your new username. so click on edit option of your new username and little scroll down you see role option select administration on role option and just click on  update user


  • Steps 4.  Now go to all users and select the old username and delete it.

3. By using PHP My Admin.

This method is very fast and easy because you just need to log in to your PHP my admin account where your WordPress database present.

  • Steps 1. Log in your PHP my admin account and search your WordPress database.


  • Steps 2. Now Click on your WordPress database, many tables are opening just search wp-user 

  • Steps 3. Just click on it and you will see that your old username, simply set your new username and save it.

Now you will successfully change your username I hope this article is helpful for you if you nay doubt or problem facing towards changing your username please ask me in the comment section.



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