How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG Game

As you know that gaming is very popular , nowadays so most of the people specially teenagers are want to play games and also like to watch the game.

Now let’s talk about how many ways you can earn money by playing pubg mobile games.

By Live Streaming

It is the most powerful way to earn money because it is simple and you earn lots of money in less duration of time because of many pubg players like live streaming.

Thay watch how the guys playing the game they show interest in watching games. People like watching games if you play games like a pro. if you play games like people or noob then nobody likes your playing style.

So many gamers take advantage of this watching games and now they stream their games to many platforms and apps like youtube.

Now a question arises that which is the best live streaming platform to earn high revenue?

There are many platforms where you do live streaming of your game.

1. YouTube

youtube is the best platform where you can earn lots of money and also get lots of subscribers. Many gamers like this platform because in this platform you can do anything like uploading and streaming your videos.

Many people are coming to youtube for watching videos and it is the second-largest social media platform after google. so here you can get a huge number of views and also you get lots of subscribers.

So, It is the best platform for live streaming.

2. By Apps.

There are many apps which are available on play store which provide the user to get live streaming.

In this type of apps, you will get money according to number of diamonds and likes in your live stream.

For example, if you get 1000 likes in your live streaming then you may get about $1 and also get extra money according to get you the number of diamonds by the people who watch your live streaming.

So, it is also a good way to generate revenue without money investment.

By participating in pubg match

It is a second way to earn money while playing pubg game because in this method you need to participate a match which are conducted my officially pubg team.

you need to pay money before participating the match. This match is simple as you play in pubg mobile but the difference is that you will get money by killing the opponent or enemy.

For example if you kill 10 enemies in a match then you got $2 per kill then total balance and revenue is $20.

It is the fastest way to earn money if you play pubg game like a pro then this method is yours.

I hope you understand my article and you know how we earn money from pubg mobile.





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