How to Earn Money From a Website

Are you want to earn money by a website then you are in right place today I discuss and proven a way to earn money from a single website.


Yes, you can earn a lot of money by creating a simple blog or website but do you know there are various types of website in the internet world such as programming websites, woo-commerce websites, selling and buying websites and reading websites.

So in this article, I am only telling reading and writing websites. because anyone can create this type of website and simply earn money from it.

But one problem has come is where I start, how we create a website. and how to reach our website to the people.

so, to remove this promblem let solve one by one, first of all, we know how we create a website and what thing we need to create it?

Requirements to create a website.

1. A domain name

first of all, you need a domain name. domain name is basically a unique adress for your website where people see your live website.

you should buy a unique domain name from any domain registration website like Godaddy, bigrock, hostingner and many more.

It is the first step while creating your website.

2. Buy Web Hosting

Now after buying a domain name you now to buy web hosting. web hosting is basically a storage of your website elements like photos, text, media, and much more it contains the whole information about your website.

It just works as a storage of your website like your CPU of your pc.

You can buy any web hosting registration website like Godaddy , bigrock and buy according to your plan and needs.

3. Monetize Your Website.

Now it is the last steps and after these steps, you are able to earn money from your own website. you need to monetize your website by any advertise network like google AdSense , and more.

simply submit your website to google Adsense or other ad networks and tell them to my site is ready to earn revenue.


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