How To Lock The BootLoader On Any Android Devices

Hey guys today i wanna to show that how to lock the bootlader on any andriod devices by fastboot mode becuase it it the one of the easy and simple method. If you want to lock your bootloader then must sure that your android device  unlock the bootloader mode.

To unlock bootloader , it is very easy and simple just type few command and your device is lock the bootlader. Before procedding the steps you should know that why we lock bootlader and what are the benefits of locking the bootloader on any andriod devices.

 Benefits of lock the bootloader

1. Locking the bootloader your andriod devices is more secure 

2.  No malware or harmful attact on your andriod devices.

3. By Locking bootlader you cannot get root acess permission on your andriod devices and hence your phone cannot loose warranty and not be damaged

4.  By locking your bootloader you can restore your warranty of your andriod device 

Method To Lock Your Bootloader

since today i know to lock bootloader of your andriod device you need some tools or software and some command. so, i wil tell you some steps that you follow carefully. Now let’s starts.

How to root any  andriod devices with pc 

you need two things first is a pc or laptop and second is your phone which you want to lock your bootloader

steps 1. Download the software or exe file by clicking download button 

steps 2. NOW Go to developer option of your phone and turn on usb debugging.

steps 3. After turn on usb debugging , switch off or power off your phone and connect your phone with computer or laptop with usb cable.

steps 4.  Now open the downloaded software and just type below  command in series.

steps 5. After opening flash tool type the first command “adb devices” 

Steps 6. Now it show your device name. it indicate that your devices is sucessfully connected to your pc or laptop and all the drivers are work perfectly. Now you type second command ” Fastboot reboot bootlader

Steps 7. After typing this command your phone will reboot on fastboot mode then you need to type third command ” fastboot flashing lock

Steps 8. Now you will see a screen that will tell you lock or unlock your bootloader. just press upper or lower volume button according to your device say on your screen to lock your bootloader.

Steps 9. Now you need to type last command to reboot your phone “fastboot reboot” it will reboot your phone and now you will able to check that your phone is succesfully lock your bootloader



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