How To Rank Blog Post On Google

Hey Guys are you trying to rank your blog post on google first page? Then you are in right place today i gonna to tell you best tips to rank your blog post on google even any search engine like bing, yahoo, duck duck go and more.

If you want to rank your blog post on google you must follow by guide and tips that i tell further in this post.

Do you know Ranking is very important thing for your website without ranking you don’t do any thing. Even you don’t generate revenue by running ads on your website because No-one know or visit your website so, No-one click on your ad or view your ad that serve your website.

So first of all we learn that How we Rank Our website on google first page and people visit our website according to their searches or wants.

Whenever Ranking words comes then SEO words also comes because SEO is the most important factor to ranking your blog or website posts.

What Is SEO

SEO means search engine optimizatIon. SEO is the technique or metods which helps to ranking our website or blog on any search engine. SEO is the way which makes our website to rank. SEO covers and contain our website information which tells  to search engine.

SEO  makes our website according to people searches on google that will show our website on search result.

Now we learn some seo  tips which helps to rank your website and these all  seo tips are genuine and 100% working tips so let’s starts and see steps by steps.

SEO Tips To Rank Blog Post

There are total of 5 ways or method to rank your blog post if you follow them. It is the best and easiest way to rank your newest website.

1. Write long blog post

Many publisher write short article or post that is the main reason to not rank your website.

we always write long and detailed article on our website which are more than 1000 words. when google bot comes to our website and crawl our pages or post they see that our post not contain enough words or sentences so google bot get less priority to our post and not show in search result.

so make sure you write more than 1000 post on every post in clean way.

2. Write Meta Description on blog post

Meta description contain your blog post information like what your blog post contain? what information your website contain?

So, we always insert meta description in our blog post that helps to understand google bot to ranking your blog post.

google bots or other search engine bots show list of website according to meta description when people search on google

Google bot identify and search meta description before crawing your post or pages. so make sure you must insert meta description on your blog or website.

3. Use H1 and H2 tags on Blog post

H1 Tag is the most important tag in the whole webpage and H2 tag is the second least important tag in the whole webpage.

Do you know our webpage is fully made up of HTML language and search engine prefer and get most priority on  H1 and H2 tag. so we always insert H1 and H2heading on our post or pages.

Note :  H1 heading says google bot what your blog post for ? It helps to identify your blog post information to google bot  and they show your website according to people searches on internet.

4. Use Inter linking and External linking

It is most important thing when you write post. we must insert links in our post. It shows google bot that our website contain more and more information and finally it shows your post on top 10.

Interlinking means when we insert link of our website in blog post and external linking means when we insert other website link in our blog post or article.

So, make sure you must insert at least two links when you write blog post.

5. Write Genuine articles

Genuine or copy free articles rank very fast compare to duplicate articles. We always write genuine article we don’t copy articles or post from other website.

when you copy the articles from other website and paste on your website then automatically google identify that you are not the original writer of this article and this leads your post not search on google.

so you must write own articles. you take idea from other website but eloberote in own way.

6. Search keywords

It is also the important way to rank your website or blog post in miminum or less time. suppose you just launch a website and you want to rank your website to get views then you need to search keywords before writing blog post.

We always write articles on less compedition  or less seo difficulty. less compidition means some people write articles on a particular topic.

For example you want to know a particular topic and search on google you find that few website has write articles on your particular topic. Then when you write same topic it can increase your chance to rank higher on google and also on google first page.

So, make sure that you write articles on less compidition.

some tools that show you compidition on any topic also show seo difficulty which help to rank your blog post





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