How To Rank YouTube Videos In 2020

Are You trying to Rank your Youtube Videos on youtube. You also know How to do SEO on My Youtube Video then you are in right place today i will show to you ultimate guide to do seo in your youtube video.

If you are recently making a youtube channel and if you upload videos you may facing a problem is that your youtube videos not rank on youtube and not get views on your videos. Am I right?

Of course, I am right because every YouTuber who started recently a youtube channel must be having or pass to this problem.

so By seeing this problem I have found the solution to get rank youtube videos or gain huge numbers of views and subscribers.

so If you want to get more views and subscribers on your youtube channel then you must do SEO on your youtube videos.

Do you know SEO is the way that helps to rank your videos on youtube? Without SEO on your videos, you can’t able to rank youtube videos on youtube or search engines like google.

SEO is the most important thing to make ranking on youtube or other platforms. SEO contains what your video is about and what your video contains, which type of information that your video contains and many more thing that SEO cover.

So, First of all, we know how to do SEO on youtube Videos

How To Do SEO On youtube videos

There are four to five SEO tips that heps you to rank your youtube videos very fastly so let’s see one by one.

1. Insert  keywords In Youtube Title

it is a very impotant tips that I told you. you must insert keywords related to your youtube videos . it helps you to determine youtube bots that what your videos are for?.  They also contain which type of information your youtube videos contain.

when people search videos on youtube related to your video topic it may chance to show your videos in youtube search results and may chances the people watch your videos.

so make sure you must insert keyword in your youtube title.

2. Inset small tag on youtube videos.

You must sure that you insert small tags on youtube videos. Inserting a long tail may chance to not rank your youtube videos. because I noticed that small tag is easier rank than a long tag.

for example: let you make youtube videos that how to make website then you insert tag like this…

make tea, how to make, make professional tea, make green tea, etc

3. create High-quality Thumbnail

it is the third most important thing that helps you rank youtube videos because many YouTubers do the same things that they don’t generate or create a high-quality thumbnail. they create or make a thumbnail in png format and in bad quality not in high definition.

Making high-quality thumbnail is a powerful way to rank your videos. high-quality thumbnail creates an impact on people. when people see your youtube thumbnail they can see clearly that what your videos are for?

note we should make a thumbnail in jpeg format not in png format



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