PUBG lite 0.15 vip script download

Are you searching to download the pubg mobile lite v0.15 latest versionvip host script then you are right place today i will get you pubg script file host with pubg lite vpn  with latest version so read the full article. welcome to my brand new articles and this article is very very helpful for you because today i will get you pubg lite 0.15 vip script with strange vpn so in this article i will show to how you get pubg lite vip script.

Pubg mobile lite is now very popular now a days and about 50million people play this game. pubg mobile lite is supported in low GB RAM and less graphics card. so in this way many people like this game than pubg mobile.

But as according to popularity of the game people now want the hack mode of the game because they want to get kills and show off their skills. i say this is not the skill , it is just thieves.

so my guys as requested to many viewers they  tell me give a pubg mobile lite script so today i will give you but this script is not making by me. The script is getting from third party website.

PUBG mobile lite VIP script Download

Before downloading i will tell you what feature will come in new version of pubg mobile lite 0.15v

1. TDM Warehouse Deathmatch

This feature will come in now pubg mobile lite. many gamer like this TDM mode because in this feature a lot of war takes place and you will kill more and more. You will never die in this mode until finishing the match.

2. Graphics setting

Now you can change your graphics of pubg mobile lite you can able to change the graphics setting. The graphics setting of pubg mobile lite is same as pubg mobile. you can set graphics smooth to HDR. The graphics setting is determine you device capability.

3. More Smoother

The pubg mobile lite v0.15 is more smoother than 0.14.10 and easy to play. it is now support as low GB RAM with low graphics card.

4. New weapon Added

In pubg mobile lite 0.15 you can see more powerful weapons with more ammo. plus the power of the weapon is more high than pubg mobile lite v0.14.10

5. Download PUBG VIP SCRIPT V0.15

Now i describe enough feature for pubg mobile lite and now the time to get link for vip script for pubg mobile lite for download and use it to enjoy the mod of pubg lite of latest version.

  • Below is the download link
  • To download it click to download button that you will show in below just
  • it you will redirect to another page wher you can finnaly download your vip script of pubg mobile lite.
  • please don’t forget to wait up to 10 second. after 10 second download will preceed automatically.




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